We Need Music

Music is already part of the lives of people. There is already a long history of it and we could even remember names of the famous musicians that have lived many years ahead of us. Until this time also, the composition they had made are still available and so we can listen to them. It is an industry who have already been established. There is already a system that is being followed just like the movie industry. But there are many who have become independent.

You can see when you will just walk that many people of any gender and age that they have headphones in them or earphones and they are using it listening to music. Gone are the days that the time of listening is limited and set as the medium is radio. A program is scheduled when would they play a particulat type of songs. They can play rock and roll in the morning and then ballad and country songs in the afternoon. They can have then pop music at night.

When you will remove music then you could see a great impact. Businesses also use music to promote their business. It could be at the time when businesses play loud music so they could attract attention. In the streets also you could see many street musicians who could play great and they do it for the love of music even if their earnings are not enough. The rewards they get is the joy and happiness they could impart to people who listen to their music.