The Public Good

This is the band that has released their own album already and they bear the title as their name. They have songs that have the title “You Looked Good” that has been sung by them and performed even live. One of the members have already been part of a band before and have been also released their own album. They have more of the songs that they are proud of as they have made it. Even if there are those who do not appreciate them much.

Others also have others who are okay with their performance but is waiting for more. Other songs that are part of their album are “This is What We Want”, “Black Ice”,  “Hey”, “Solomon Grundy”, “Slow Day At Work”, “Cooking for Two”, “The Rising Tide”, “Hey”, “Your Product Name Right Here”, “In Bed”, “I Wanna Be Clean”, “And Then We Ran Out Of Things To Talk About”, “I Saw You Walking”, and “My Pre-existing Condition”. These are the titles of the song of the album they had released.

It is still on sale today so you can be able to buy it. Some have given positive reviews on it as they say that they had moved to the beat of the song so it means that it has an effect on them. That is why they have given a fair review of it. Another said that it is like listening to the sound of the news and some song playing in the background. He is expecting more.